L’officina de l’amore | Music Demos

Demo Recordings

The Overture sets the mood for the opera: bold, happy, quick and crisp, moving forward, exciting, dramatic.

      Tra le strade del piacer
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Atto primo No. 1
ADEM, the Turkish car mechanic, is alone in the repair shop with Isabella‘s classic Alfa Romeo Giulietta.
He declares his love to the car.
Adem admires Giulietta‘s beauty. He wants to own her.

      Il matrimonio del secol
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Atto primo No. 4
ISABELLA proposed to ADEM. Happily excited, she envisions her dream marriage in great detail.
ADEM and his co-workers LOLEK and SOLI both celebrate and ridicule the marriage dreams.

Braccia forti, chiappe sode

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Atto primo No.5
Young german student JULIA has entered the workshop with her broken bike, hoping for a repair.
JULIA und ADEM have a very physical flirt peaking in a quickie in Giulietta.

Grazie destino

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Atto secondo No.1
The quickie must have been really good since JULIA and ADEM immediately have a heartfelt love duet.

Lamento di Fatima

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Atto secondo No.2
Adem’s mother FATIMA and a lot of peasant relatives (LA FAMIGLIA) from Yozgat, Turkey, have come to the workshop and demand that Adem finally marry. ADEM objects to such interfering with his private life.
FATIMA and LA FAMIGLIA remind Adem of his late father who, until his death, lovingly grew various vegetables to enable his son a happy life. At his deathbed, his last wish was a good wife for Adem.

      La famiglia turca
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Atto secondo No. 3
ADEM refuses to marry his cousin from Yozgat. His mother FATIMA and LA FAMIGLIA are furious.
ISABELLA enters. Adem accepts her marriage proposal in front of the family and cornily professes –
supported by LOLEK and SOLI – the alleged love to his future wife.
Fatima and the family are moved by Adem’s and Isabella’s lover’s oath.
They give in and decide to go back to Turkey.

      Io mi piaccio così
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Atto secondo No. 4
CENNET, the lesbian cousin from Yozgat, performs a striptease for JULIA. She takes off the chador she always hated and puts on the bib pants. Julia is delighted. Both agree: They are fully self-determined and they are beautiful the way they are.

Studio recording
ISABELLA – Regina Schörg
JULIA – Leah Manning
FATIMA/CENNET – Melanie Jäger
ADEM – Luigi Lambrusco
LOLEK – Stefan Bleiberschnig
SOLI – Johannes Glück
L‘Orchestra Fortuna
Orchestration and musical direction: Johannes Glück

Video recording
“Kost-Probe” at MuTh, February 25, 2018
JULIA / FATIMA – Melanie Jäger
ADEM – Thomas Weinhappel
LOLEK / LA FAMIGLIA – Gernot Heinrich
SOLI / LA FAMIGLIA – Gebhard Heegmann
Lisa Gonnella, piano
Musical director / conductor: Alexander Jost
Producer: Otto Jankovich
Video: DokuDoku