Das Dingsbums das man Liebe nennt


Book by Heidemarie Wellmann
Music and Lyrics by Johannes Glück

First Night: 22.05.1996, Theater Akzent, Vienna
Directed by Lilo Mrazek
Musical Direction: Laszlo Kövi


In the Tyrolian mountains. Present. 17-year old teenagers from Vienna – one class girls only and one class only boys – run into each other on a field trip to the Austrian nature. After some turbulences they realize that being authentic and empathic is much more “in” than being “cool”.
We see some promising love stories unfold between the teens – notably city slicker Jessica and Tyrolian nature-boy Louis – as well as Ms. Dürrwanger, the neurotic teacher of the boys and Mr. Haselbacher, the local ranger.

Rich in melody and wit, the fresh blend of Singspiel, operetta and mock opera offers many attractive roles for young actor/singers and one female and two male performers playing the teachers and the ranger.

In the press

Inventive, funny, bold (but not vulgar), “zeitgeisty” and moralizing – without being preachy. Book and music form a seemless unity. The music is original, lively, catchy, well singable and refreshingly romantic but not sentimental, complemented by a flawless and clever orchestration. In other words: a big strike. The jokes – there are many of them – are perfectly delivered. I haven’t had such a blast in the theatre for a long time. Is operetta still alive today? Very much so – if it is allowed to live. On Wednesday at Theater Akzent it was celebrating its resurrection.
Wiener Zeitung, H. G. Pribil


Recordings from the performances in 1996 and 1997, Theater Akzent, Vienna
Students and Orchestra of The Vienna Conservatory
Conducted by Robert Opratko / Laszlo Kövi

Cast 1996

Anja Clementi, Johannes Glück, Theresia Haiger, Oliver Mülich, Harriet Kjus Müller-TylMartin Niedermair, Jan Reimitz, Verena Scheitz, Mel Stein, Harald Tauber, Cornelia Zenz

Birgit Moser, Christian Paumgarten, Boris Pfeifer, Fritz Schmid, Barbora Vlckova, Heidemarie Wellmann

Cast 1997

Johannes Glück, Karsten Kammeier, Birgit Moser, Christian Paumgarten, Boris Pfeifer, Fritz Schmid, Barbora Vlckova, Heidemarie Wellmann

Stefan Cerny, Michaela Kovarikova, Eva-Maria Müller, Natalie Obernigg, Bettina Oswald, Martin Petraschka, Bettina Reifschneider, Gerald Reiter, Eva SalyMathias Walch